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Detailing Treatment of Movement Joints (Expansion/Contraction/Sliding joints)

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Types of Treatment Available

1. Waterproofing for R.C.C structures.

  • Roof

  • Basement

  • Underground reservoir

  • Overhead reservoir

  • Toilet sunken slab

  • Swimming Pool

1. Waterproofing for R.C.C structures

1.1 Waterproofing Treatment of Roof Terrace

1. Scrapping and cleaning the Roof Terrace surface thoroughly from dust, dirt cement slurry etc. by means of wire brush, chisels, scrappers, water etc.

2. Painting with acrylic polymer based water impervious slurry coating Hind Crete Plus WPM in two (2) coats with Glass fiber woven mesh reinforcement.

Provision of protective overlay of average 40 mm thick Screed concrete of proportion (1 cement: 2 sand: 4 stone chips) over the entire chemically treated surface maintaining a slope towards the rain water outlet.


Finishing with any other desired finish like terrazzo flooring/roof tiles/cota stone etc.

1. Providing and laying 3 mm thick Atectic Poly Propylene (APP) bituminous water proofing membrane Hind Hydro Proof with polyester reinforcement by Butane Torch and 100 mm. 

lap over a coat of oil based/ water based Bituminous Primer.

For non-accessible Roof: – Plain finish APP.
For accessible Roof: – Mineral finish APP.


Note: The mineral finish APP sheet is to be protected by a screed concrete for access to the roof

1.2 Waterproofing Treatment of Basement

1. Drilling holes and fixing 18 mm O/D PVC Nozzles on wall and floor wherever required.
2. Injection of cement milk with Non-Shrink Polymer Grouting Compound Hind Plast EGA @ 250 gms per bag of cement through the Nozzles under pressure by pump.
3. Sealing the Nozzles with Quick Setting Compound after injection operation is over.
4. Application of two coats of Polymer Modified Cementitious Slurry Coating based on Hind Crete Plus WPM admixed with cement the entire surface of the floor and wall.( If the back filling is not done the coating is to be applied from outside over the wall surface)

NOTE: – Severely leaking points in the Basement may be required to be sealed by plugging compound like Hind Plug S or Polyurethane Grout Hind Hydrafoam PU for which the cost can be quoted as per site condition. This treatment can be tak