Hind Tile Grout




Hind Tile Grout is used to filling up the wall and floor joints when tiles like vitrified, ceramic, mosaic, marble and glazed tiles etc. are fixed in residential and industrial buildings.


  • Ready to use, only water is to be added.
  • It ensures excellent bond with different types of tiles.
  • Makes the joints waterproof.
  • Dust penetration resistant.
  • Is unaffected and can withstand effects of mild detergents and cleaning agents.
  • Cleaning becomes easy.


Surface Preparation

All substrate must be structurally sound, clean and free from any contamination like grease, oil, loose particles etc. before application of Hind Tile Grout.


Add 340-360 gms. water to 1 Kg of Hind Tile Grout by volume and mixing is to be done properly by a trowel to get a paste type consistency. Allow the Tile grout paste to settle for 10-12 minutes in the mixing pan. The paste is then applied to fill the joints by means of spatula, trowel and finally it is smoothened evenly to level and finish. Surplus grout paste is removed by a damp sponge. Care should be taken while cleaning the surplus grout from getting it pressed down before drying.  The tile grout is allowed to dry for hours after application. We must always ensure that tile grout should be filled into the joints, 24 hours after the tile fixing operation is completed.


Aspect Powder
Color Ivory, white, black, grey, copper brown, cream, blue, green, brick red, sky blue and yellow.
Bulk Density 0.95 Kg/Ltr. at 270 C.
Coverage 1 Kg covers approx. 95-100 Sq.ft (ceramic tiles) and 75-80 Sq.ft (vitrified) for joint size of 3mm width.
Working Time Approx. 30-45 minutes at  270 C.


Available in 1 Kg Pack


6 months from the date of manufacture, provided the material is stored in a perfectly dry place and in unopened conditions.


Hind Tile Grout is non-toxic and inhalation of the powder material is to be avoided. If contact with eyes occurs was with plenty of water.

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