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Hind Set PAF is suitable for Dry Spray/Gunite mixes for Tunnels and Galleries, securing rock faces, embankments and excavations, this section concrete shells, swimming pool, concrete repair works, strengthening concrete structures.


  • Completely free from alkalis
  • Allows spraying to take place even on wet substrate subject to slight infiltration
  • Reacts in the mix to assist the hydration process resulting accelerated strength development within first 24 Hours
  • Simplifies and improved overhead and lateral surface spraying.
  • Reduced rebound loss.
  • Completely free from chloride, nitrate and alkali aluminate/ carbonate and alkali silicate based formulations.
  • Eliminates alkali silica reaction, which causes expansion and spalling of concrete structure made with alkaline accelerating admixtures


The required amount of Hind Set PAF is mixed with dry cement-and-gravel mixture. Large quantity of dry-mix can be prepared provided dry aggregate is used and protected from moisture. When Guniting is interrupted care must be taken to ensure that water does not flow back in the supply hose causing the mix to set.

Dosage: Normally between 3 to 4% by weight of cement. When increased to 5 to 7%   setting is quicker and curing time is much reduced.

The optimum dosage should be determined by Site/ Lab trials.

A typical example:

Dosage of Hind Set PAF Initial Set time Final Set time
3% – 4% < 4 minutes < 25 minutes
5% – 7% < 3 minutes < 12 minutes

The above results are based on Cement-OPC. 43 grade, temperature 27ºC, by use of Gillmore Needle. Setting time may vary due to variation in temperature. Setting time tested as per ASTM C – 1102-68 Method of Test.


Aspect White Powder
Solubility Freely mixable with water
Bulk Density 850 Kg/cubic metre


12 months from the date of manufacture in unopened condition. The material should be stored under shed and away from source of moisture and dampness.


25 Kg. Poly lined HDPE bag & or as required.


Hind Set PAF is non-toxic but ingestion is to be avoided. If contact with eyes occurs, wash well immediately with water and seek medical advice.


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