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Hind Set LAF is used and suitable for all applications to give high early strength, good final strength and achieving higher thickness in layers of sprayed concrete.

  • Wet shotcrete.
  • Grouting (back filling)
  • Tunnels, Galleries, Mining
  • Slope stabilization, Pit protection.
  • Embankment and excavations
  • Concrete repair work
  • Shoring operation
  • Swimming Pool
  • It can also be used for quick setting of cementitious grouts used in TBM tunnel lining and backfill concreting.


Hind Set LAF is advantageous and ideal for wet shotcreting for rock stabilization.

  • Completely free from alkalis
  • Allows spraying to take place even on wet substrate subject to slight infiltration
  • Speed up the work and contribute to excellent water tightness of the sprayed concrete linings
  • Improves overhead spraying and reduces rebound.
  • Completely free from chloride, nitrate and alkali aluminate, alkali silicate, alkali carbonate based formulations.
  • Eliminates alkali silica reaction even with reactive siliceous aggregate.
  • The quick setting property allows wet sprayed concrete to be done in thick layers hence rapid work progress is achieved.


Hind Set-LAF to be added by means of a suitable dispensing pump.


Aspect Liquid aqueous dispersion
Specific Gravity 1.43   0.05 at 270 C
Solubility Freely mixable with water
pH < 4
Chloride Content <0.1%
Alkali Content < 1%
Hind Set LAF is Sulphate Resistant


The alkali -free shotcrete accelerator, Hind Set LAF is a non-caustic, high solid content admixture. Due to its specific gravity greater than 1.4, the rebound loss for wet shotcrete is minimized and by use of the same more than 150mm thick layer of wet shotcrete is achieved in a single operation. High early strength  (>12 Mpa at 24 hours) and quick final setting (< 15 minutes) is achieved when used in wet shotcrete. It is always advisable that the substrate is clean and free from  loose particles and the cement used  is fresh or otherwise, if the cement is old the setting properties of the mix is affected. The use of Hind Set LAF is very sensitive with different types of cements. Generally Portland cements is used to give good and fast setting. It can also be used with blended & Fly-ash /Slag cements. It is always recommended to check the setting time and 24 hours strength of the cement to be used in the project and the evaluation of the same to be done as per EFNARC European Specification for Sprayed Concrete, Appendix 1, Clause 6.3. The test results mentioned as follows is for guidelines only. (Setting time conforming as per ASTM C 1102-94 standard)

Initial Set Final Set 24 hours strength Remarks
2-2.5 mins 5-8 mins 17-20 Mpa Good
5-6 mins 8-13 mins 12-16  Mpa OK
>10 mins >15 mins <10 Mpa Poor


Hind Set LAF when used for Wet Shotcreting, the Water : Cement  ratio should be less than 0.45 and  for achieving high early strength , faster setting and better durability W/C ratio recommended is 0.40.


The dosage of Hind Set LAF to be finalized by site trials, however the recommended dosage ranges from 4-10% by weight of binder materials used. Overdosing to a tune of more than 10% results to decrease in final strengths


6 months from the date of manufacture. The material should be stored under shed and away from source of heat.


300 Kg. in HDPE container or as required


Hind Set LAF is non-toxic, if contact with the skin happens it must be washed with water. If contact with eyes occurs, wash well immediately with water and seek medical advice.

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