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Hindcon – Epoxy Flooring Manufacturer & supplier in India


  • Plant Rooms
  • Automobile Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Printing Industries
  • Warehouses for storage requiring protection from dust.


  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • Provides very hygienic surface which can be cleaned easily.
  • Durable and abrasion resistant.
  • Very attractive and available in a wide range of colors.
  • Very fast application.


Aspect Comp A – Colored Liquid, Comp B- Liquid,
Specific Gravity at 270 C 1.5 to 1.55
Working Time 40-45 mins
Compressive Strength 30N/mm2 in 24 hrs. at 270C

75 N/mm2 in 7 days at 270C

Bond Strength 1.5- 2 N/mm2 in 7 days at 270C
Tensile Strength 20 N/mm2 in 7 days at 270C
Flexural Strength 40 N/mm2 in 7 days at 270C
Viscosity 10000 cps suitable solvent.


Hydro Chloric Acid 15 % Resistant
Sulphuric Acid 10% Resistant
Citric Acid 20 % Resistant
Acetic Acid 10 % Resistant
Sodium Hydroxide 50% Resistant
Petrol Resistant
Diesel Resistant
Brake Oil Resistant
Engine Oil Resistant


Surface Preparation: The surface should be sound, dry, free from all dust, dirt, greasy spots before application of primer.

For New concrete surfaces- New concrete surfaces should be at least cured for 28 days, all laitance should be removed by wire brushing, grinding etc. The moisture content of the surface should be restricted within 5 %.

For Old Concrete/ Floor surface : Old concrete surfaces should be properly cleaned from all depositions dust, dirt, greasy spots preferably by mechanical method . Care should be taken that the floor is properly cleaned from all dust to ensure bonding of the primer.


Prior to application of Hind Selfloor 1000 the prepared surface should be given a coat of Hind Coat Prime as per specification. Curing of the primer to become tack free is required for at least 6 hrs but it depends upon the ambient temperature. Preferably the application of Hind Selfloor 1000 is to be done after 24 hrs from application of primer.


Hind Selfloor 1000 is available in pre weighted two component packs. The Comp- B is to be mixed with Comp-A in a clean mixing vessel and mixed for approximately 60 seconds with a slow speed mixing paddle.


The mixed material is then laid over pre measured surface designed for getting the desired thickness and spread evenly with a notched trowel. Once the entire material is laid rolling by a nylon spiked roller is to be done to remove trowel marks and to release the air. The roller should be moved to and fro for the entire length and subsequent rolling in the next row is to be done with a overlap on the previous row. The entire operation is to be completed within the pot life of the mixed material.

Note: The application of Hind Selfloor 1000 is to be done with specialized applicator equipped with the Tools required and experienced for laying epoxy flooring systems. It should not be applied to floors at ground level where rising dampness may occur or at places where the temperature is more than 500C.


The cleaning of all tools is to be done by organic solvent like Xylene.

Color Range:

Hind Selfloor 1000 is available in colors like Red, Blue, Green, Ivory and yellow.


Available in 4.5 Kg Pack


For 1mm thickness 3 m2 per Pack
For 1.5 mm thickness 2 m2 per pack


Hind Coat Prime 5-6 m2 per Kg.



12 months in unopened condition if stored in a cool place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.




Hind Selfloor 1000 is non toxic. Any splashes to skin must be washed with organic solvent. Should be applied by wearing gloves, care should be taken it does not fall on eyes.

Hindcon – Epoxy Flooring executor, Epoxy Floor Coatings in India

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