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  • Hind Sealant.PPU is recommended for protection of Sealing of expansion, contraction & construction joints in building structure such as Basements, subways, retaining walls, floors, external walls and claddings of high-rise buildings.
  • Sealing of dynamic structural cracks.
  • Glazing joints of window, door frame and curtain walls.
  • Sealing of joints in traffic areas such as Bridges, roads and car parking areas.


  • Cures at ambient temperatures to a tough, elastic and flexible rubber like material.
  • Bonds strongly to most of the building materials.
  • Durable, remains unaffected by UV rays, ozone and weathering conditions and resistant to biodegradation.
  • Slip resistant (sag) can be applied in a horizontal joints.
  • Movement Capability – Provides satisfactory hematic sealing of the joint subjected to expansion, contraction, vibration and cyclic movement upto 20% of the width.
  • Resilient recovers the original width after expansion & contraction without losing the surface bond.


Surface Preparation

Preparation of surface is the most important step before application of sealant to get best results and to avoid failure. The joint surface must be dry, free from dust, coatings, bituminous mastics, concrete curing agents, mould release agents, oils, greases and loose particles. Clean the joint surface by wire brush and sanding with emery paper. Remove dust by compressed air or paint brush. Wipe out oil and grease by solvent soaked cloth (such as Xylene, Toluene or Acetone).

Masking Tape

Apply masking tape such as self-adhesive polyethylene, cellophane or cloth tape on both edges of the joint. It is used to improve the neatness of the finished seal by protecting the face edges of the joint. It may be removed immediately after tooling of the sealant.


Two component Hind Sealant.PPU sealant are packed in pre-weighed quantity as per the mixing ratio. Mix the material of individual container first and then mix together and stir it thoroughly to a uniform, homogenous black colour. Mixing can be done manually with spatula / palette knife of special flat stirrer attached to a low speed electric mixer less than 500 r.p.m. Apply the mixed sealant by means of a spatula or by filling into a plastic cartridge which is then placed into the hand held causing gun into the joint.

Tooling and finishing: 

It is desirable that a smooth surface is obtained. Tool the sealant by pressing the puffy knife or flat tool against the sealant surface, moving along the length of the joint. Tooling breaks air bubbles and exposes any air pockets present. Tooling compresses the sealant, thus promoting adhesion to the joint sides. After tooling the masking tape should be removed immediately.


Aspect Black Paste
Specific Gravity 1.10  approx
Mixing Ratio 9 : 1 (Pre-packed) by weight
Application time (pot life) at 300C 45-60 Minutes
Initial setting time at 300C 4 Hours


Available in 1 Kg. & 4 Kg. Kit


6 months in original unopened container. Do not expose or open container to high humidity conditions.


Hind Sealant.PPU is non-toxic but ingestion is to be avoided. Any splashes to the skin must be washed with water. If contact with eyes occurs, wash well immediately with water and seek medical advice.

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