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Hind Sealant E is used as sealant for fine cracks in structural members, tile joints, metal joints, sealing holes for complete water tightness etc.


  • Excellent bonding with substrate
  • Easy to mix and apply.
  • Complete water tightness.
  • Hardens after setting and thus not damaged by sharp objects.
  • Can be applied without primer also
  • Painting can be done over Hind Sealant E surface



Entire contents of Comp-A and Comp-B are to be taken on a clean mixing tray and thoroughly mixed by a metallic spatula.

Surface Preparation 

The contact surface between the putty/sealant has to be thoroughly cleaned from all dust, dirt oily or greasy materials and dry. Priming with Hind ERS 21P is required for porous substrate and substrates which are subjected to movement. If cracks are filled with Hind Sealant-E it is to be chiselled for making V groove about 10mm -12 mm deep and wide and to be primed with Hind ERS 21 P before application of sealant. After the sealant is applied it is to be tooled with a sharp knife.

Aspect Comp A-Semi Solid Paste, Comp.B –Semi Solid Paste
Colour Off white (Mixed material)
Density 1350 – 1400 Kg/m(Mixed material)
Working Time 40-45 minutes at 270 C 20 C
Compressive Strength Min 30 N/mm2  2N/mm2   in 24 hours at 270 C 20 C

70 N/mm²  5 N/mm2 in 7 days at 270 C 20 C

Bond Strength 1.5 to 2 N/mm2 in 7 days at 270 C 20 C
Tensile Strength 14-17.5 N/mm2 in 7 days at 270 C 20 C
Flexural Strength 25-35 N/mm2 in 7 days at 270 C 20 C
Chemical Resistance Is not affected by wide range of chemicals, oils etc.
Shrinkage Non-shrink



12 months from the date of manufacture in unopened condition and stored in a cool place under shade.


3 Kg Container


Hind Sealant E is non-toxic. Any splashes to the skin or eyes must be washed with clean water immediately.


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