Hind Rust Clean




  • Used for removal of cement mortar over tile & marble fixed on floors & walls.
  • Used for removal of rust from corroded steel and prevents further rusting.
  • Over rusted reinforcements for repairing of distressed RCC structure.
  • Protection of reinforcements in concrete having inadequate cover or concrete with thin section.
  • Cleaning of New/Old steel reinforcement, and other steel sections used in construction.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of steel structures like water tank, water pipelines, steel super structure, steel shuttering plate and any type of steel surface which has corroded due to weathering action.
  • Used for removal of old set concrete from Truck mounted Transit Mixer used by RMC Plants & Construction sites for transportation of Concrete.


  • Easy application by brush or spray gun.
  • Single component, ready to use.
  • To remove rust from the most affected steel reinforcement section in concrete.
  • Chloride free and prevents further corrosion.
  • It is cost effective due to high coverage.


Before application the steel surface to be vigorously cleaned by wire brush, chipping or grinding so that it becomes free from any rust scale. Over the cleaned dry surface. Hind Rust Clean is to be applied by cotton waste or brush. After application, the coated surface to be left as it is for 15-30 minutes. The reddish colour of the rusted steel surface will change to the original blackish colour of the steel. The loose particles is to be removed by scrubbing or brushing. Finally the steel surface is to be water jetted to remove all acidic residue on the surface and cleaned with cotton cloth.


Aspect Transparent Liquid
pH Acidic
Specific gravity 1.19 0.02 at 270 C.
Coverage 3-6 Sq. Mtr/Kg in two(2) coats. (This depends on the diameter of the rod)

0.120-0.160Kg/Sq. Mtr per coat depending on the quantum of corrosion and the nature of the substrate.


24 months from the date of manufacture in unopened condition.  To be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


100 gm, 500gm, 1 Kg, 5 Kg & 20 Kg or as required.


Hind Rust Clean is non-toxic and ingestion must be avoided. Any splashes on skin happens, wash with water. If contact with eyes occurs, immediately wash with water and seek medical advice.


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