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 Hind Plasto Guard  is a single component, flexible, ultra violet and weather resistant waterproofing coating based on modified acrylic polymer. It also possesses the property to reflect the heat from the applied surface which results in producing a cooling effect. It can be applied to all exposed flat, sloped and vertical concrete, masonry and metal surfaces.


 Hind Plasto Guard  is used for surface waterproofing and weather resistant coating for concrete flat, sloped roofs, parapet walls, basements, swimming pool, water bodies, RCC/Lime terraces/Asbestos , sunken portion of Toilets & Kitchen, Chajjas and on the exterior surface of PVC/Metal water tanks placed on roofs/balconies which allows to keep the temperature of the water inside the tank cooler to some extent.


  • Single Component hence easy to use
  • Highly flexible and thus has a crack bridging property
  • Easy and fast application with economical cost
  • Resistant to ultra violet ray of sun
  • Non toxic and can be used for any kind of structures
  • Allows concrete to breath and enables any entrapped vapour to escape
  • Develops excellent bonding with building materials
  • It remains unaffected when applied within a wide range of temperatures
  • Unaffected when exposed to wide range of chemicals
  • Highly durable membrane and has a long functional life
  • Does not allow fungal growth due to weathering action
  • Environment friendly  with a high diffusion resistance against CO2
  • Water based
  • No protection screed is required under normal foot traffic condition.
  • Against high wear & tear condition if expected it requires to be protected with a protective screed.


Surface preparation

The surface should be cleaned from all loose materials, oil, grease, and washed properly. Any undulations, pot holes , wide cracks are to be properly mended with cement mortar and sufficiently cured. Before the application of Hind Plasto Guard it is to be ensured that there is no stagnant water on the surface.

After the preparation of surface a Hind Plasto Guard primer to be applied on the substrate @ 0.2Kg/m2 and then Hind Plasto Guard is applied in two coats, @ 0.4 to 0.5Kg/m2 per coat by brush or roller depending on the substrate.

nd Plasto Guard can be applied along with Hind Fiber Glass, which is to be embedded between the first and second coat @ 0.7 to 1.0 Kg/m2 per coat, depending on the porosity of the surface in green condition. When the second coat gets cured and become touch dry, a top coat (~ 0.3 Kg/m2 ) is applied to complete the application. The coated surface to be protected from rain until is gets completely dry.


Without using Fibre Glass  : 0.4 to 0.5 Kg/m2 which  depends on the surface porosity.

Using Fibre Glass                 : 2 -2.5 Kg/mwhich depends on the surface porosity.

 Thickness of Coating without Hind Fiber Glass is 1.0 mm and with Hind Fiber Glass is 1.2 mm approx.


Aspect Acrylic Dispersion, White/ Grey and various other colours
Solid Content 65%
Polymer Content 34.40%
Sp. Gravity at 270 C 1.14 + 0.02
Bond Strength ISO 4624 1.5 N/mm2
Salt Spray resistance Good
Water Permeability (IS 2645) Passes
Moisture Permeability (IS 101) Passes
Crack Bridging (ASTM C 1305-06) 2mm
Crack Resistance (IS101) Passes the 3 mandrel
Workable Time 15 to 20 mins at 270 C
Tack Free 25 -30 mins at 270 C
Drying Time 2-3 hours depending upon the ambient temperature
Application Temperature 100 C to +350 C
Accelerated Weathering test 500 hours (IS 101) No Cracking /Blistering


12 months from the date of manufacture in unopened condition. Should be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


 1Kg, 5 Kg, & 20 Kg in HDPE Containers




Hind Plasto Guard is non toxic, prolonged skin contact should be avoided. In case of contact with eyes occurs wash with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice.


Note: The properties are based on laboratory conditions which may vary at site and in extreme weather conditions.























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