Hind Plast EGA




 Hind Plast EGA can be used for Grouting in

  • Pre-stressed cable ducts.
  • Rock and soil anchoring.
  • Bearing plates.
  • Pre-placed aggregates.
  • Tunnel lining.
  •  In underground structure, basement, tunnel, lift-wells, dams, water reservoir and other water retaining structure.
  • Does not allow shrinkage of cement used in cement sand mortar.


  • Improved fluidity.
  • Increased cohesion.
  • Volume expansion in the wet state to develop non-shrink property.
  • Chloride free – does not attack reinforcement or pre-stress cables


The recommended dosage range is 0.5 to 0.6 kg. per 100 kgs. Cement. It is advisable to conduct trials to achieve optimum economical dose.Add directly to the dry cement then add water into the mixer and mix at least for 3 minutes. Sand may be added  if required. For pre-stressed concrete work, where mechanical batching is carried out, a mixing time of 4 minutes with a w/c ratio of 0.36 – 0.40 has been found to give the best result. The most effective mixing sequence has proven to be water, cement and finally the admixture. When used as an admixture to compensate the drying shrinkage of cement in mortar the recommended dosage varies from 0.1% to 0.25% by weight of cement.


Form Light Brown Powder
Bulk Density 0.8 ± 0.1 kg/ lit
Expansion 0.1 to 0.3%


6 months from the date of manufacture in unopened condition. To be stored in a cool and dry covered space away from  direct sunlight.


250gm , 1 & 20 Kg in HDPE Bag or as required.


Hind Plast EGA is non-toxic, non-inflammable and   ingestion is to avoided. If contact with eyes occur, Immediately wash with water and seek medical advice.

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