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Hind Pentro Hard is used for case hardening of concrete surface and to obtain  absolute Dust proof surface. On its application  a improved highly chemical resistant surface is obtained. It is used for all type of industrial concrete floors, warehouses, chemical processing plants, car park and basements, storage silos, sewage plants, refineries and heavy pedestrian floor trafficking areas in civic centres, stadium, airport, hospitals and museums.

Floors constructed with metallic floor hardener can be protected to prevent oxidation on its application on the floor surface.


  • It provides a tough abrasion resistant surface which does not turn yellow or decolorizes .
  • Single component, ready to use.
  • It penetrates deep into the surface, densify and hardens concrete which does not allow entry of moisture or any other foreign matter
  • Scratch and peel proof.
  • Chemical resistant and dustproof and surface becomes abrasion resistant .on its application.
  • It is cost effective due to high coverage.


New Concrete Surface: It can be applied over new concrete surface after final trowelling.

Over Old Concrete Surface: Before application over old concrete surface, the surface is to be vigorously cleaned by wire brush, chipping or grinding so that it becomes free from oil, dust, grease, algae and any rust scale. Over the cleaned dry surface Hind Pentro Hard is to be applied by spraying, squeegee or broom after slightly agitating the mixture in the container. The material to be scrubbed with a mechanical scrubber on the surface until it gels ( min. 45 minutes). After such operation spray material with water and continue to work on the surface for few more minutes (7-8 mins) Excess material to be cleaned by squeegee or a mop. Finally the surface is required to be flushed with water. It is recommended to recoat the surface where is surfaces is porous and penetration even takes place after the first coat.  The drying time of Hind Pentro Hard depends on the nature of the concrete surface. If the surface is new and fresh it gets dried up within 2-3 hours. For old concrete drying time may get extended due to surface conditions. Traffic should not be allowed between 4- 12 hours on coated surface.


Aspect Transparent Liquid
pH 10.60 2
Specific gravity 1.20 0.05 at 270 C.


Broom Application 20-25 Sq. Mtr  per Kg
Trowel Applicatiom 35-40 Sq. Mtr  per Kg
Fresh Surface 20 -25 Sq. Mtr  per Kg
Old Surface 15-20 Sq. Mtr  per Kg

 Note: Coverage may vary depending on the porosity of the surface


 Hind Pentro Hard is recommended to be applied when the temperature of concrete should not be less than 20 C and higher than 570 C.


12 months from the date of manufacture in unopened condition.  To be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.  It should not be allowed to freeze.


20 Kg & 225 Kg Container.


Hind Pentro Hard is non-toxic, non-combustible and inhalation to be avoided. Any splashes to skin if  happens, wash with water. If contact with eyes occurs, immediately wash with water and seek medical advice.

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