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Hind Marbo Fill is mainly used in stone processing industry for filling and bonding of light/white, transparent crystalline natural stones. The liquid consistency and colourless transparent appearance of the product makes waterclear bonding and the stereoscopic structure of the stone is well maintained. The edges and corner or bigger holes on the stone can be filled by adding a little quantity of polyester colour paste to Hind Marbo Fill. Using Hind Marbo Fill, the appearance obtained a very similar to the stone and bonding of joints achieved is almost invisible. We recommend mixing crushed granular material with Hind Marbo Fill while working with crystalline natural stone, so that the crystal structure of the stone is imitated.


  • It provides a very high adhesion on natural stones.
  • Has a wide field of application due to its varied consistency.
  • Due to slow hardening/setting and low tensions corners, edges and bigger defects can be filled easily.
  • Resistant to water, petrol and a wide range of mineral oils.
  • Can be easily polished.
  • Transparent hence can be applied on light coloured , mainly transparent crystalline natural stones.


Before application  the surface is to be cleaned, made completely dry and slightly roughened. Mix 1-2 gms of Pack B (Hardener) (30-70 drops) to 100 gms of Pack A. (Resin) thoroughly. The mixed material to be used up within 5-8 minutes at 270 C. After air curing 6-8 hours the treated portion can be exposed to withstand strain and after 12 hours it can be processed further. The hardening of the mix is accelerated at higher temperature and delayed at cols temperature.  Tools used for application to be cleaned with MEK/Xylene/Toluene.


Aspect Honey Yellow, transparent when cured.
Specific gravity 1.01 0.05 at 270 C.
a) Working Time /min at 270 C
Using 1% Hardener 10-12 mins
Using 2% Hardener    6-8  mins
b) With 1.5% Hardener
At 250 C    8-12  mins
At 270 C    4-5  mins
At 300 C    3- 4 mins
Tensile Strength  40-50N/mm2
Bending Strength      80N/mm2
Compressive Strength 1500-1600N.mm2


12 months from the date of manufacture in unopened condition.  To be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


250 gm & 500 gm Kit (Pack A & Pack B)


Hind Marbo Fill is non-toxic and inhalation to be avoided. Any splashes to skin if happens, wash with water. If contact with eyes occurs, immediately wash with water and seek medical advice.

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