Hind Marbo Cote 41




Hind Marbo Cote 41  is used for filling of micro-cracks, fissures, open cracks, pitting, capillaries etc in granite/marble.


  • Contains 100% Solid.
  • Contains no volatile solvents.
  • Do not possess harsh/irritating or toxic smell.


Surface Preparation: 

The surface of the granite/marble slab to be grinded to grit 120 and allowed to get completely dry for 24 hours. The surface is then cleaned to make it free from dust, grease, oil etc.


Mix 1 part by wt of Component B with 4 parts by wt of Component A,  i.e. mixing ratio = Component A : Component B = 4:1 (by wt). Mix at least 2-3 minutes to uniform color without any streak using a drill and paddle mixed (speed 200 RPM) so as to avoid any entrapped air. Small quantities of the material are to be mixed so that it is consumed within a very short application time.


The uniformly mixed material is applied on the cleaned granite/marble surface by brush and allowed to accumulate   over cracks/ holes/ pitting. The applied surface is allowed to air dry for at least 24 hrs. Finally the slab is polished as usual to get a glossy surface finish.

Cleaning: All tools & equipment  is to be cleaned immediately after use with, Xylene, Toluene or suitable solvent.


Aspect Pack A Liquid,  Pack B Liquid
Mixed ratio Comp A: Comp B = 4:1 (by wt)
Density 1.10 ± 0.02 at 27 °C ± 2 °C
Pot life Approximately 45 minutes at 27 °C
Coverage  4 to 6 m2/ Kg of  depending on the texture and porosity of the surface.
Flexural strength 27 °C More than 25 N/ mm² in 7 days.
Chemical resistance Chemically resistant to wide range of chemicals and oils.


5 Kg , 10 Kg & 20Kg Kit.


12 months if it is in unopened condition. Should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


Hind Marbo Cote 41 is non-toxic but ingestion is to be avoided. Any splashes to the skin must be washed with water. If contact with eyes occurs, wash well immediately with water and seek medical advice.

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