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Hind Injecto Tube is an advanced, specially designed injection hose system to prevent passage of water through construction joints. The hose is built up to be tough, flexible and resilient in nature and is not affected at low temperature and immersion in water. It has a solid red inner core with a injection hole running in longitudinal direction through the centre. Three moulded grooves are designed which runs along the entire length of the hose. Few number of openings 2.5 mm in diameter at a spacing of 10 cm apart appears in the grooves in staggered way. Strips made out of closed cell neoprene covers the three grooves and it functions as a one way valve. The entire hose is housed in a wide meshed nylon fabric sleeve.



Hind Injecto Tube is recommended for use in construction and cold joints, water retaining structures, tunnel, sewage treatment plant, construction of underground structures around pile heads & basements.


  • Easy installation even at complicated details.
  • No requirement of drilling for fixing, hence concrete is not damaged.
  • Its reinjection options helps to stop leakages caused by settlement or any type of structural movement. It also helps to prevents leakages at a later stage of its installation.
  • It is built up of a solid inner core and is not damaged under  concrete pressure making the injection material flow smoothly without and
  • Being chemically inert, it does not deteriorate even if  injection of materials like polyurethane, epoxies and cement is done.
  • It is highly flexible and is easily installed at corners without cutting or jointing.
  • It can withstand high and low injection pressure.


It has to be always ensured that before installation, the correct type of injection hose is selected for the project along with all accessories and equipements.

Surface Preparation

The concrete surface shall be smooth , clean, free from oil or grease and contamination. If any honey comb are existing near the joint  it is to be properly patched off and further cleaned to make it free from dust and all loose materials.

Assembly/Fixing of Hose

The injection hose should normally be placed as close as possible to the centre line of the slab or wall for a suitable length plus the outlet and inlet vents. This vents allow the injection and each vent are identified with different colours  (white/red). The length of this  vents are between 400 -700 mm long and are selected as per project requirements. The outlet and inlet vents are housed in boxes or catchers and placed at a convenient place to ease injection operation. Normally hose clips are used for fixing of the hose. Vent ends to be sealed with caps so that green concrete does not go inside and choke the hose when set.


The injection pressure initially should be between 70-165 psi. Once the injection material fills up the joint area the pressure is to be increased from 540 -650 psi and maintained for 4-5 minutes so that the injection material is allowed to flow and penetrate all the weak areas and pores in concrete. piston type pumps are used for injection operation.

Note: Before injection it is to be ensured that the age of the concrete is more than 28 days old.


Material PVC
Internal Dia 6mm  to 11mm
External Dia 11mm to 19 mm
Injection Opening 6mm to 8mm
Typical Injection length 10 to 15 Mtr.
Injection Material Cement, Micro-fine Cement, Resins and Polyurethane Grouts.


It has any indefinite storage life and should be stored in a place away from oil, dust concrete rubbles etc


As  per requirement.

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