Hind Grout SST




Hind Grout SST can be used as an additive for:

  • Concrete and masonry foundation walls
  • Concrete Piling work.
  • Rock and soil Stabilization and effective ground water sealing.
  • For injection grouting in underground structures, Basement, Tunnel, Lift wells, Water Reservoir, Dams, Manholes and other water retaining structures


  • Reduces water permeability.
  • No heat is generated during the curing period resulting no damage of the casings.
  • Aquifer is protected from surface water intrusion.
  • Remains flexible and stable over a long period of time.
  • Ready to use and easy application..
  • Environmental friendly and non hazardous


Add 50 litre of clean water to a 20 Kg bag of Hind Grout SST. Mixing to be done thoroughly for 5-7 minutes using a drill fitted with a stirrer, until a uniform consistency is obtained. The slurry formed to be injected within a time limit of 45-50 minutes with pump. Ensure that injection grouting is completed with the schedule time otherwise the pump hose will get clogged.


Aspect Light Yellowish Powder
Moisture present by mass 6-12% (typical)
Specific Gravity 2.0 -2.5 gm/cm3
Bulk Density 880 Kg/m3
pH 8 1
Particle Size Distribution 15% retained on 150µm
Swelling Index 8-20 times
Viscosity 19 cps -20 cps
Water Absorption 662 (on sinter plate)
Cation Exchange Capacity 78.55 meq /100 gm
Loss on iginition (%) 1


Available in 20 Kg HDPE Bag


Hind Grout SST is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture. Should be stored in a cool and dry place and in unopened conditions away from direct heat and sunlight. If care as stated is maintained a minimum shelf life of 5-7 years can be obtained. Do not keep used bags mouth open, always ensure that it is properly tied up to avoid ingress of moisture.


Hind Grout SST is non-toxic and ingestion is to be avoided. Contact with eyes must be avoided. Use of Hand gloves is recommended.

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