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Hind Grout HS is used for grouting under the Bolt Pockets and base plate grouting of all equipments, grouting of foundation bolts for all types of machinery in cement, textile, paper & steel industries, bridge bearing pads, columns, precast construction.


Hind Grout HS is an economical and easy to use material, requiring only addition of water. It is very easy to mix and placement can be done with high flow characteristic, rapid strength development, adjustable consistency and Compressive strength up to 70N/mm² (28 days) is achieved. It does not segregate and bleed. It is impact and vibration resistant, non-corrosive to steel and iron, non-toxic and safe to handle.


All grouting areas must be free from the loose concrete, oil, grease, and dust where Hind Grout HS will be placed. The grouting area to be saturated with water and it is to be ensured that no stagnant water is present before application. Add Hind Grout HS Powder to clean water as per the recommended dosages. Keep on mixing with a grout or concrete mixer till a smooth and even consistency is achieved. Mixed grout should be used within 15 minutes of preparation. After initial hardening of the grout, it should be kept damp either by wet hessian cloth or with water-ponding for a minimum of  seven days. Water and Powder ratio varies from 0.12 to 0.13 depending on the consistency requirement of the site. 25 Kg of the material will yield approximately 12.0 Litre of Fluid Grout and 11.0 Litre of Plastic Grout mix respectively. Placing conditions including temperature may have to be assessed before pouring the grout at site. Small trial batches may be tried to ascertain best working consistency.


Aspect Grey Powder
Density 2200 to 2300 Kg/m3
Expansion 0.1 to 0.5%
Compressive Strength at 27 º C (approx)After 3 days

After 28 days

40 N/mm²(min)

70 N/mm²(min)


6 months from the date of manufacture in unopened condition. To be stored in a cool and dry covered space away from direct sunlight


25kg in Poly lined HDPE Bag.



Hind Grout HS is non-toxic and ingestion is to be avoided.  If contacts with eyes occur, wash well immediately with water and seek medical advice.

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