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Hind FLC EUV is extensively used as flooring and wall coating in Pharmaceuticals, Printing Industries, Food Processing Plants, Workshops, Tea Blending Plants, Chemical resistant linings to tanks and reservoirs etc.


  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Completely dust proof and thus hygienic.
  • Durable and hardwearing and of nil maintenance cost.
  • Attractive and available in wide color range.
  • Excellent color retention can be exposed to sunlight.


Surface Preparation

Concrete Surface: The surface of application has to be sound and made free from all dust, dirt, loose & greasy materials and the moisture content of the surface has to be checked. The moisture content can be checked either by a Hygrometer or by an air tight polythene sheet to ensure that no moisture is accumulated in 24 hours.

Metal Surface: Any previous surface treatment should be removed to get back the original metal surface by means of sand blasting. If blasting is not possible descalling guns or rotary wire brush may be used to get the original metal surface. It should be noted that the surface should not get re-oxidised before coating with   Hind FLC EUV.

Mixing: Hind FLC EUV is  mixed in small batches taking 2 parts component ‘A’, 1 part component ‘ B ‘ and 0.50 part of component ‘C’ taking their weights with a weighing machine. Pre weighted Component ‘A’ has to be poured in a mixing pot first and then component ‘B’ and ‘C’ are to be poured simultaneously and the mix is to be stirred very slowly. When the mix is uniform the paint has to be applied on the prepared surface with a good quality painting brush .The 2nd. Coat can be applied after drying of 1stst coat at an interval of minimum 6 hours.

Note: Care should be taken that at the place of coating the air blow is minimized to prevent dust accumulation on wet coating.


Aspect Comp ‘A’- Clear Pale yellow liquid, Comp ‘B’- Water white liquid

Comp ‘C’- Color Paste.

Specific Gravity 1.1  at 27° C
Mixing Ratio 2parts Comp-A: 1 part Comp-B : 0.5 parts Comp-C
Bonding Strength 2 -25 N/mm² in 7 days.
Compressive strength 35 N /mm² in 24 hours
Chemical Resistance Is not affected by a wide range of  acids, alkalies, salts & oils.
Pot life 30 mins at 27° C if not continuously stirred.


All tools and equipment should be cleaned with Xylene, Toluene or suitable solvent.


1 Kg of mixed Hind FLC EUV covers an area of 4 Sq.m when painted on a smooth surface for a DFT of 100 micron in a single coat. The coverage of course is dependent on the surface porosity.


24 months from the date of manufacture if kept unopened and temperature around 30° C.


1.75 Kg. & 3.5 Kg. pack.


While working with Hind FLC EUV, the workmen should wear gloves and safety shoes, those who are very sensitive in handling epoxy products should also wear safety glasses and clothes.

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