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 Hind ERS 3116 is a three component solvent free, fast curing, fillerised grout, based on modified epoxy resin which is formulated for use as a precision heavy duty chocking grout for carrying out structural repairs and engineering application. The cured resin possesses high mechanical strength, excellent adhesion, non-shrinking properties and is chemical resistant. HIND ERS 3116 epoxy grout is supplied in pre-measured quantities according to the mixing proportion Component A-Resin, Component B-Polyamide Hardener and Component C- Fillers (Inert type). On mixing of all the premeasured Components, it produces a high viscous flowable liquid grout suitable for 10-80mm gap/voids.


  • Fixing of Base plates, Insert plates, Foundation Bolts, Tie Bars.
  • Anchoring hold down bolts and rail track.
  • Fixing of Crane rails and anchoring heavy equipment.
  • Grouting of Heavy machineries with high dynamic loads and vibration.
  • In highly corrosive environment, where there is spillage of chemicals, oil and solvents and cement grout cannot be used.
  • Grouting of production unit where time bound shut down is given for application so that production does not get affected.
  • As a backing material for steel liner of machineries for ore crushing in areas like mine and quarries.


  • Fast curing.
  • Fast gaining compressive and bond strength.
  • Resistant to Vibration and Impact.
  • Resistance to moisture and excellent chemical resistant.


 Surface Preparation

The area to be treated should be properly cleaned to make it free from dust, oil, laitance by wire brush or mechanically.


Add Component A – Resin to Component C – Filler (Inert type) and mix for 3-4 minutes using high speed drill machine (1000 rpm- 1500 rpm) fitted with a stirrer until the entire quantity of filler get soaked in the Resin. Finally add Component B – Polyamide Hardener and mix for 2-3 minutes to get the desired flow/ consistency before pouring.

Note: Grouting for thickness between 5-10 mm, it is recommended to use Component C – Filler (Inert type) lesser in quantity ( Ratio: A:B:C = 3:1:9 ),  ( Ratio: A:B:C = 3:1:10) to get the desired flow of the mortar.


No wet curing is required. Air curing is sufficient for development of strength. Hind ERS 3116 will be fully cured with maximum Compressive strength within 7 days at 270 C. At low temperature curing time and gaining of strength is retarded. The material will not be cured below 50 C.


Aspect Comp. A Comp. B Comp. C
Grey Liquid Thick Liquid Powder
Mixing Ratio 3:1:16 parts by weight
Density (Mixed) 1.80Kg/Ltr.
Application Temperature 100 C –  400 C

Compressive Strength at 270 C (ASTM C 579)



    55- 65 N/mm2 after 6 hours
80- 90 N/mm2 after 1day
 90- 95 N/mm2 after 3days
                        100-105 N/mm2 after 7days
Tensile Strength at 270 C (BS 6319 Part 7) 12.5-14 N/mm2  in 7 days
Flexural Strength at 270 C (ASTM C 580 Part 7) 26-28 N/mm2  in 7 days
Bond Strength >  2 N/mm(Concrete failure)
Chemical Resistance It is not affected by wide range of chemicals, oils etc.
Pot Life  at 270 C 45 mins
Setting time at 270 C 80 mins
Shrinkage Non-Shrink


12 months from the date of manufacture in unopened condition and stored in a cool place under shade.


20 Kg Kit or as required.



 Hind ERS 3116 is non-toxic and ingestion is to be avoided. Any splashes to the skin must be washed with water. If contact with eyes occurs, wash well immediately with water and seek medical advice.











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