Hind ERS 21 P





Hind ERS 21 P is very useful in concrete such as

  • Excellent bonding and adhesion to all substrate.
  • No shrinkage during curing.
  • Easy application by brush or sprayer. 


Surface Preparation: 

Concrete Surface: Before application surface preparation is important, surface should be cleaned, dry, and free from loose particles, oil, grease or other foreign materials. All undulations, blow- holes and surface imperfections to be made good before application of Hind ERS 21 P 

Metal Surface: Any previous surface treatments should be removed to get back the original metal surface by means of sand blasting. If blasting is not possible descaling guns or rotary wire brush may be used to get the original metal surface. It should be noted that the surface does not get re-oxidized before application of Hind ERS 21 P

Mixing: Mix 1 part by wt of component B with 2 parts by wt of component A i.e. mixing ratio = Component A: Component B = 2:1 (by wt). Mix at least 5 minutes to uniform color without any streak using a drill and paddle mixed (speed 200 RPM) so as to avoid any entrapped air. Comp B is to be poured in Comp A gently.

Cleaning: Clean all tools & equipment immediately after use with, Xylene, Toluene or suitable solvent.


Aspect Pack A Liquid,  Pack B Liquid
Mixed ratio Comp A: Comp B = 2:1 (by wt)
Density 1.05 ± 0.02 at 27 °C ± 2 °C
Pot life Approximately 60 minutes at 27 °C
Coverage 4 to 6 sq. mtr/ kg of mixed material depending on the texture and porosity of the surface.
Flexural strength 27 °C More than 25 N/ mm² in 7 days.
Chemical resistance Chemically resistant to wide range of chemicals and oils.


1.5 Kg, 6 Kg & 18 Kg Kit.


12 months if it is in unopened condition. Should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


Hind ERS 21 P is non-toxic but ingestion is to be avoided. Any splashes to the skin must be washed with water. If contact with eyes occurs, wash well immediately with water and seek medical advice.

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