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Hind Epocoat GF is a two component solvent free high performance glass flake reinforced epoxy coating formulated for protection of concrete and metal surfaces against corrosion, abrasion, impact and chemical resistant in all aggressive conditions. It provides a tough coating to concrete and steel surface. The product is excellent to perform in aggressive saline conditions and also for immersion in splash zone. It has an excellent property of adhering to concrete and steel surfaces with a glossy surface finish and can be cleaned easily. It is safe when coated over water retaining concrete & steel surface for storage of potable water.



Hind Epocoat GF has wide range of uses, for corrosion, abrasive and chemical resistant in Trenches, Cooling Towers, Tank lining, Offshore platforms, Refineries, Pipe coating, Vessels, Process area surfaces, Petrochemicals, Chemical manufacturing units.


  • Excellent adhesion to the concrete & steel surfaces.
  • Protect surface from corrosion and abrasion.
  • Improves chemical resistance to substrates.
  • Makes concrete surface impervious.
  • Prevents coated surfaces from cracking.
  • Outstanding resistance to water and moisture.

Surface Preparation

Steel Surfaces

Steel surfaces are to be blast cleaned and ensured that it is free from rust, oil, grease and other contaminants as per  St 2 or St 3  Swedish Standard  SIS 05 5099. On absolutely cleaned and dry surface Hind ERS 21 P epoxy primer is to be applied. After air curing for 24 hours Epocoat GF is to be applied.

Concrete surfaces

Before application it should be ensured that concrete has attained the design strength and is proper cured for 2-3 months. Concrete surfaces should be degreased if oil and grease con­­tamination is present. Degreased surface shall be high pressure washed, acid etched and high pressure washed again so that the surface is clean and free from dust, loose particle, oil, grease and surface laitance. On absolutely cleaned and dry surface Hind ERS 21 P epoxy primer is to be applied. After air curing for 24 hours Hind Epocoat GF is to be applied.


Mix 1 part by Wt. of Component B (Hardener) with 2 parts by Wt of Component A (Resin). i.e. Mixing Ratio = Component A: Component B = 2:1 (by Wt). Mixing is to be gently at least for 2-3 minutes until an uniform color is obtained without any steak using a slow speed drill and paddle (200 RPM) so as to avoid any entrapped air.


Allow the mix to settle for 5 minutes so that if any air in entrapped during the mixing escapes out.

By Brush :                                            Use stiff quality bristles for coating. Trim it to 1” nap.

By Roller:                                            Use good quality 1/8” nap.

By Plural Air Spray Air:                 Use .023 – .032 tip, 3,000 – 3,500 psi, Heat Resin to 700 C and Hardener to 500 C

By Airless Spray:                               Not Recommended.

Application Temperature

The material has to be kept at temperature ranging between 130C to 350C. It has to be ensured that the substrate temperature is maintained in between 100C to 400C. The difference of temperature of the substrate and coating should at no point be excess of 50C.

Curing Time

If applied by Brush or Roller, the time for recoating will have to be done within 6 to 8 hours at  25°C. While spraying, recoating has to be done within 5 to 8 hours at 25°C.  Full curing has to be done for 72 hours within 35- 450C. Accelerated Curing if required can be done for 12 hours at 66°C.


Aspect Light Amber
Mixing Ratio 2:1 (by volume) Component A(Resin) : Component B(Hardener)
Pot Life 40 mins at 270C
DFT Recommended 250-500 microns per coat
Drying Time Touch Dry – 2-3 hours

Handle       – 6-8 hours

Hard          –  24 hours

Full Cure 7(seven) days
Coverage 4-6 Sq. Mtr./Kg of mixed material depending on the texture and porosity of the surfaces.
Flash Point Above 250C
Abrasion Resistance Excellent
Flexibility Moderate


12 months from the date of manufacturing in unopened conditions. To be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


3, 6 & 12 Kg in Plastic containers or as required.


Hind Epocoat GF is non-toxic and ingestion is to be avoided. Any splashes to the skin must be washed with water. If contact with eyes occurs, wash well immediately with water and seek medical advice

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