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Hind Emetop NM when trowelled into the surface of concrete floors forms a toughened hard-wearing surface suitable for industrial use. It is recommended for factory floors, warehouse, hangers and car parks that are subjected to heavy traffic and high concentration electrical installations.


  • Provides build in wear resistance and produces high abrasion resistant floor surface.
  • Extreme surface density resists oil and water penetration.
  • May be used for areas in the open and continuously wet.
  • Non-rusting and easy maintenance.
  • Fast construction with minimum site costs for materials handling and non-bonding problems.


Hind Emetop NM is dry mixed in the ratio of 2:1 with cement, broadcast evenly over the surface of freshly laid concrete and then trowel led to an uniform and smooth finish. The floor concrete should be structurally sound and placed in accordance with good concrete practices. The Water: Cement ratio should be kept to a minimum consistency with the need to produce a fully compacted concrete without excess water coming to the surface. Particular care must be taken at the corners and edges of bays, hand ramming and firm trowelling being carried out to ensure that the level can be maintained throughout the subsequent   trowelling operations.

Two bags (100kg) of Hind Emetop NM one bag (50 kg) of Portland cement should be thoroughly dry mixed on a clean, flat surface. Water must not be added.

The Hind Emetop NM /Cement mix should be broadcast in two equal stages evenly over the surface of freshly laid concrete as soon as the surface water has evaporated. Immediately after each stage of broadcasting of Hind Emetop NM /Cement mixture the first trowelling should be carried out, either by hand or by means of a power float. When the surface has sufficiently stiffened a second trowelling should be given to close any pores and remove any undulation in the surface. This be followed by a final hand trowelling to remove any disc mark. The floor must be thoroughly cured.


This varies from 3 to 7 Kg per m depending on the type of floor as follows:

Moderate Duty

3 Kg/m2

Medium Duty

5 Kg/m2 .

Heavy Duty

7 Kg/m2 .

Note: The amount are for Hind Emetop NM only, it must be mixed with 50% Portland cement before it is applied to the floor surface. The Concrete floor on which it has to applied should be Minimum of grade M-20. 


Aspect Greyish Granular Powder.
Water Absorption 1-2%.
Improvement of Abrasion Resistance/wear Resistance 215 % – 320 % over controlled concrete (Minimum Grade of M-20). It will be tested as per IS-1237, 1980, with the sample specimen of Mortar Cake (1:2) of size 7.06 cm x 7.06 cm. x max. 35 mm. thick. It can be represented either in terms of Loss of thickness or in terms of % Improvement of /abrasion Resistance/wear Resistance with respect to the minimum loss of thickness of the sample with floor hardener.

Compressive Strength


50-75 N/ mm2. Test as per IS-516, 1959 : applicable with M-30 to M-45 grade of concrete the dose of Hind Emetop NM will be as per the type of floor. In general Doses varies from 12-28 kg./ Cum or 3-7 kg. / Sqm. It must be sprayed over the green concrete immediately after the evaporation of bleeding water.


18 months from the date of manufacture.


40 Kg Polyethylene Lined Waterproof gunny bags.


Hind Emetop NM is non-toxic and ingestion is to be avoided. If contact with eyes occurs, wash well immediately with water and seek medical advice.

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