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 Hind Cure SS  is a sodium silicate based multipurpose compound  when applied  on  concrete surface it cures, hardens and seal the concrete. It reacts with the cement chemically and penetrates deeply to solidify all ingredients to form a homogenous mass.  The solidification leads to hardened surface, hence surface cracks and spalling is restricted. It is used on all new concrete surfaces and conforms to ASTM  C309-81.


Hind Cure SS  is sprayed or brushed into newly laid concrete surfaces, which seals the concrete surface and resist premature water loss from within concrete, without creating any hindrance to the normal curing phenomenon due to adequate hydration, water held by the concrete matrix and for very slow evaporation rate of water from below the surface, concrete achieves maximum beneficial properties.


  • Single component, ready to use.
  • It penetrates deep into the surface, densify and hardens the concrete which does not allow entry of moisture or any other foreign matter.
  • Scratch and peel proof.
  • Chemical and Oil resistant and surface becomes abrasion resistant on its application.
  • It is cost effective due to high coverage.
  • Surface becomes crack resistant on its application.
  • It can be used with wax based curing compounds.


 Before application the concrete surface should be clean, dry and there should be no standing water on the surface. It must also be ensured the surface should be properly cleaned if any coating of sealer or other material exists which will prevent the absorption of the compound.

After proper stirring/agitating the compound in the container, it is applied as a continuous coating to form a film on the concrete surface by brush, power operated sprayer, soft bristle broom or squeegee. It is recommended to recoat the surface if porous and penetration even takes place after application of the first coat.  It makes the surface abrasion resistant. Excess material which gets sagged should be removed immediately from the surface.


Aspect Milky White Liquid
Specific gravity 1.24 + 0.05 at 270 C.

Fresh  Concrete Surface

8-10 Sq. Mtr /Kg depending on the porosity and texture of the substrate.


 Hind Cure SS is recommended to be applied when the temperature of substrate should not be less than 50 C and higher than 500 C.


12 months from the date of manufacture in unopened condition.  To be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.  It should not be allowed to freeze.


20 Kg  & 250 Kg Container.


 Hind Cure SS is non-toxic, non-combustible and inhalation to be avoided. Any splashes to skin if happens, wash with water. If contact with eyes occurs, immediately wash with water and seek medical advice.









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