Hind Crystal Seal (I)




Hind Crystal Seal (I) protects concrete making it 100% waterproof. It improves the adhesion between top coat and concrete. It is used for waterproofing of water reservoir, basements, foundations, water tower, tunnels, subways, swimming pools, parking lot, dams, canals, concrete pipes, water treatment plant, sea wall, bridges, decks and any concrete mix requiring waterproofing.


  • Ready for use only to be added to concrete.
  • It is non-toxic and free from chloride.
  • Cost effective waterproofing system.
  • Can be applied to both positive and negative side to resist hydrostatic pressure.
  • When added to concrete it increases the compressive strength.


Hind Crystal Seal (I) should be added to cement into the mixer. It is advisable to carry out trial mixes to produce concrete and properties such as workability, setting time and compressive strength is achieved as per requirement. In hot weather conditions, addition of Hind Crystal Seal (I) into concrete accelerates the setting time of concrete. We recommend use of Hind Plast Super, Superplasticiser to overcome such acceleration of setting time of concrete. Curing to be carried out as per standard practice for concrete produced by addition of  Hind Crystal Seal (I) .


Aspect Grey Powder


Water Permeability

Control Mix Crystal Seal added Mix

9 X 10 -7 cm/sec.


5 X 10 -11 cm/sec.

The result as shown above was derived from a constant workability mix which contained 300 Kg /mof Portland Cement, maintaining W/C of 0.53 and 3% of Hind Crystal Seal (I) by weight of cement. An increase of 6% compressive strength was achieved after 28 days. Increase of Compressive strength as high as 15% can be obtained if constant W/C ratio is maintained.

Volatile Organic Content

VOC = 0 g/L


It should always be ensured that W/C ratio of concrete does not exceed 0.55 prior to addition of Hind Crystal Seal (I) .

1)  Use Hind Crystal Seal (I)  @  2% by weight of cement if  W/C ratio is 0.45 or lower.

2) Use Hind Crystal Seal (I)  @  3% by weight of cement if  W/C ratio ranges between 0.45 to 0.55.


12 months of manufacture in unopened condition. Should be stored in a dry place with temperatures ranging between 50 C – 35 0 C.


Available in 25Kg. HDPE Bag.


Hind Crystal Seal (I) is non-toxic but ingestion is to avoided. If contact with eyes occurs, wash well immediately with water and seek medical advice.

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