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Hind Coat Repel is a dilutable, 40% active single component Silane/Siloxane based water repellant emulsion for use on  concrete and masonry substrates. work. It can be diluted to between 5% to 20% depending on the nature of application and substrate to be treated. The unique formulation of the product when applied will penetrate into the substrate and provide water repellant properties by reacting chemically with the substrate. The treated substrate becomes hydrophobic and retains its original look. It conforms to BS 3826-1969, Class A & B, as a Silicon resin based water repellent coating.



Hind Coat Repel is a ready to use coating and can be used both in external & internal conditions. It can be applied to old as well as new surfaces. It can be applied externally on brick work, stone, concrete & masonry surfaces, cement plaster , joints, pre-cast block and stone claddings. For internal coating when applied over Plaster of Paris, plaster, brick walls it prevents dampness, ingress of moisture, cracking of wall plaster and peeling of paints from the walls.


  • Dilutable with water for ready to use.
  • Excellent bonding and adhesion to concrete & masonry substrates.
  • Substrate becomes hydrophobic on its application that does not allow water absorption.
  • Deeply penetrable into absorbent substrates due to smaller molecule size providing excellent water repellent properties.
  • The substrate life gets increased due to reduction in water absorption which resist spalling due to efflorescence and freeze-thaw effect.
  • The surface become highly water repellent and is durable in aggressive environment.
  • The original colour of the surface remains unaltered after the coating.
  • When applied to vertical surface it gets cleaned with rain water without leaving any stains.
  • Gives excellent performance & stability at (5%-20%) active ingredient content levels.
  • Less VOC content.



Hind Coat Repel dilutable water repellant emulsion gets readily diluted in water and stable dilutions containing  5% to 20% active ingredient levels can be made. It is always advisable to add water to the emulsion only.  To obtain a stable dilution with 5% active ingredient level 7 parts of water to be added to 1 part of Hind Coat Repel. For example to make a 1000gm stable dilution with 10% active ingredient level , 750 gm of water is to be mixed to 250 gm of Hind Coat Repel. ( Ratio 3:1). For preservation of the dilutions for extended use, preservatives can be added to the dilutions after testing only. The performance of Hind Coat Repel depends on content of active ingredient content after dilution and to be done as per requirement of the different selected substrates.


Before application  of  Hind Coat Repel the surface should be thoroughly cleaned and surface dry. Any cracks visible should be repaired.  Hind Coat Repel is applied preferably with brush, roller or low pressure spray equipment (45-100 kPa). Areas covered with Glass should be protected while spraying.

Hind Coat Repel when applied with a brush or roller the application is to be repeated until the surface remains moist for 2-3 minutes. When applied with a low pressure spray the substrate of application should be completely saturated. For vertical surface application the coating should flow down 15 cm downward from the point of application. All surfaces to be coated from bottom up. If two coats are required the second coat to be applied after 2-3 hours interval. If Brush application of the coating is done it is to be applied very smooth & liberally.

Note: Not recommended to be applied over substrates subjected to hydrostatic pressure.


Aspect White Liquid
Active Ingrdeint Content  40%
Specific Gravity at 27 0 C 0.970 0.005
Density (lb/gal) 8.0 0.02
pH 3.4 -5.6

VOC Content (g/L)

 < 300 (excluding water and exempt compounds)
    122 (including water and exempt compounds)
Flash Point ( Closed cup)   > 100 0C
Thinning Water
Application Temperature Above 50 C
Coverage 10-12m² / Kg of diluted material depending on the porosity of the surface. If the surface is porous, second coat application is to be done.


Performance of Hind Coat Repel on different Substrates

Alkaline Substrates and % of Active Ingredient Percentage of Water Exclusion versus Control after 1 day in immersed condition
Mortar Cubes  
5% active Ingredient 94.2
10% active Ingredient 94.9
20% active Ingredient 94.0
Concrete Cubes  
5% active Ingredient 86.6
10% active Ingredient 85.9
20% active Ingredient 76.2


Neutral Substrates and % of Active Ingredient Percentage of Water Exclusion versus Control after 1 day in immersed condition
Brick Class I  
5% active Ingredient 87.3
10% active Ingredient 69.9
20% active Ingredient 41.1
Brick Class II  
5% active Ingredient 88
10% active Ingredient 48.2
20% active Ingredient 43.4
  • Results and Calculation are based on the weight gain of control sample.
  • Samples casted in 50mm X50mmX50mm cubes.
  • 1/8 th portion of bricks used instead of half of a brick with 5 specimen.


24 months from the date of manufacture in unopened condition . To be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight at a temperature ranging between 50 C to 270 C.


Available in 1, 20, & 250 Kg HDPE Container.


Hind Coat Repel is non-toxic. Any splashes on skin happen, immediately wash with water. If contacts with eyes occur, immediately wash with water and seek medical advice. When it comes into contact acids, bases , amines and heavy metal or their compounds the rate of evolution gets increased and it has to be kept away from these materials. Should not be use near naked flame. During application use of safety goggles and gloves is always recommended.

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