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Hind Coat Prime is very useful in concrete / steel such as

  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Can be applied even on damp surfaces.
  • Easy application by brush / roller.
  • Good penetrating property suitable for steel and concrete surfaces.


  • For priming on concrete surfaces and steel substrates
  • Floors, walls, chemical storage tanks, effluent treatment tanks, lining of bulk chemical storage tanks etc.


Pot life at 270C About 90 minutes
Tack free time 3 hours at 270C.
Initial Hardness 24 hours at 270C.
Temperature limitation for proper product application 100C to 400C.
Density 1050 to 1090 Kg / M2


Surface Preparation

The surface has to be dry, sound & free from loose particles. This can be achieved by grit blasting or Sand blasting or grinding and water Jetting. The surface should not have moisture content of more than 4 % . The surface should not contain any laitance, grease, oil or any other contamination.


The pre-weighed ready to use components of Hind Coat Prime are mixed thoroughly with a mechanical stirrer having a rpm of 300-350.The mixing should be done till we get a homogenous colour of the mixed material (about 2 to 5 Minutes).The material is brushed on the well prepared surface by a standard paint brush, good quality lamb wool roller or sprayed with an air less spray equipment. Care should be taken to ensure continuous film & proper material consumption.

Cleaning: Clean all tools & equipment immediately using suitable solvent.


The coverage will be 4 to 5 m2 per kg. Coverage varies depending upon substrate condition.


For best result use before 12 months if it is in unopened condition at a cool & dry place.


1.5 Kg. 6 Kg. (Component – A & component – B).


Hind Coat Prime should be applied with gloves & care should be taken to see that it does not fall on eyes. Splashes to the skin must be washed with water and seek medical advice. It is highly inflammable. Keep away from fire.

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