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 Hind Coat FC is a Solvent less high build epoxy resin coating which provides long term protection to concrete and mild steel substrates against chemical corrosion. It has high resistance to abrasion and makes the floor surface dust free. The cured surface is hard, smooth and gives a glazed tile like finish. It is joint less and will not support bacterial growth. It has excellent resistance to abrasion and is easily cleaned and sterilized.


  • Solvent free and durable coating.
  • Excellent adhesions.
  • Can be easily applied by brush or roller.
  • Seamless application.
  • It has excellent resistance to abrasion.


 For long term protection of concrete and mild steel substrates against erosion and chemical attack. It is recommended for areas subjected to foot traffic and wheel barrows with pneumatic wheel.


  • Floors and walls where bacteria free surfaces are required such as: Hospital, Nursing home.
  • Food processing areas.
  • Tea fermentation floor.
  • Computer room & Laboratories.
  • Work shop floor in contact with oil, grease etc.
  • Factory floor subjected to chemical spillage.
  • Loading bays.
  • Dust free and chemical resistant floor in electrical and electronic assembly areas and warehouses.
  • For lining effluent tanks, chemical storage tanks etc.
  • Chemical resistant floors, walls of battery rooms and chemical industries etc.
  • Available in attractive range of colors.


Hind Coat FC will have excellent adhesion to the substrate if the surface is sound, free of dust, grease, oil etc.Concrete surface must be even and free of pot holes. Remove all laitance by abrading or wire brushing. Remove all the dust from the surface. If the surface is contaminated by oil or grease, wash with dilute Hydrochloric acid. Wash the floor with clean water till the surface is free from acid. Allow to dry before Hind Coat FC is applied (Consult our Technical Service Department for advice).


All surface should be primed using Hind Coat Prime @ 250 gm./M2. Allow the primer to dry for 4-6 hours till it is touch dry. Mix primer Component A&B thoroughly and apply.


Mix together Hind Coat FC Component A&B thoroughly using a pallet knife or an electrical drill mixer till a homogeneous uniform color is obtained. Unmixed material will not cure properly and will fail in performance.

After the primer has dried, apply Hind Coat – FC by brush or roller to the required thickness. Hind Coat FC is a high build coating.A thickness of 250 micron can be applied in one application. But it is advisable to apply two coats at right angle to each other. This way any blemishes in the first coat will get covered by the second coat. Allow first coat to become tack free before second coat is applied.


Thickness will depend on the condition of the surface and on the type of use. In general thickness varies from 150 microns to 350 microns.


Acetic Acid 10%
Ammonium Hydroxide 25%
Caustic Soda 50%
Citric Acid 10%
Lactic Acid 10%
Phosphoric Acid 25%
Hydrochloric Acid 35%
Nitric Acid 5%
Sulphuric Acid 10%

Fruit Juices, Beer, Wine, Crude Oil, Petrol. Prolonged Contact will affect the flooring.


Pot Life 45  minutes at 270 C
Mixing Ratio Pack A – 2(Two) Parts : Pack B – 1(one) Part
Tack Free Time About 4-6 hours at 270 C
Initial Cure 24 hours at 270 C
Full Cure 7 days at 270 C
Over Coating Time 24 hours

All floors which are subjected to spillage of corrosive chemicals, the spillage should be removed immediately by washing with water.


Hind Coat FC is available in six colors: Ivory, Brick red, Olive green, Light grey, Mid blue and Yellow. The shades below show approximate colors only. While every effort is made in manufacturing to maintain consistency of color, Exact Color matching between batches cannot be guaranteed.


The coverage will be 2.5 to 4 M2 / Kg per coat.


Clean all tools immediately after use with Xylene. Do not let the material to harden.


3& 6 Kg in Plastic Containers.


12 months from the date of manufacture in unopened condition and stored in a cool place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.


Hind Coat FC is non-toxic. Any splashes to the skin or eyes must be washed with clean water immediately. Should be applied wearing gloves, care should be taken that it does not fall on eyes.





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