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Hind Coat CTM is a two component Coal Tar modified coating, based on low solvent epoxy resin modified with coal tar and reactive hardener. It is black in color used to protect steel, concrete structures, timber and other construction materials in corrosive environment. After complete curing, it forms a hard, abrasion and impact resistant impermeable film to protect water penetration. It has excellent adhesion to the applied surface and is highly anti-corrosive. It protects the structures from chlorides, sulphates  and other  subsoil contaminants.



Hind Coat CTM is recommended as a coating material for protection of Tanks, Piping (concrete, steel), Underground Structures, Cooling Towers, Foundation walls and sumps. Submerged Structures, Concrete and Steel surfaces in sewage treatment plant, Sheet Pilling, Chemical Plants, Crude oil storage tanks, Paper Mills, Dams, Barrage gates, Penstocks etc.


Hind Coat CTM is manufactured and packed in pre-measured two separate components (Comp A & B) in a convenient ratio of 1:1, eliminating the need of weighment at site during mixing.

  • Excellent resistance to water, sea water, diluted acid & alkalies , neutral salt, mineral and fatty acid.
  • High abrasion and mechanical resistance.
  • Extra ordinary Bond & Adhesive strength.
  • Resistant to microbic and mild chemicals.
  • Can be applied over moist & damp surface.



The concrete surface over which the coating is to be applied should be free from Oils, Grease, algae, fungus or any loose particles and laitance. Any cracks or cavities if happens to be there should be filled and necessary repairing of any structural defect should be rectified and leveled to a smooth finish before application of coating. Mechanical grinding or other suitable preparation is recommended for obtaining best results on concrete. Compressed air is used to remove residual dust or use brush to remove dust completely.


Steel surface, which are to receive coating should be prepared by sand blasting or power tool or mechanical cleaning to a commercial grey metal finfish. If prepared surface is contaminated by moisture or other contaminants, they should be re-blasted. Use suitable Epoxy Primer if required. We recommend use of Hind ERS 21 P as primer.


Hind Coat CTM coating system is supplied in two components in the ratio of 1:1. Component A to be stirred thoroughly before adding it with Component B. For best result, use a variable speed drill mixer with a spiral type blade at the bottom stirrer rod. The speed may be 400 – 600 rpm.

Place the spiral blade at the bottom of the container before starting the mixer. This will help avoiding induction air into the mass slowly move the stirrer head up to the surface while stirring. Do not remove the blade while still it is spinning. This procedure is continued for 3-4 minutes up and down to have a homogenous mixing. Allow the combined mix to sit for an induction time of 3-4 minutes for entrapped air if any to escape while mixing before application.


For best results, apply two coats of Hind Coat CTM by brush, roller or spray. First coat should be allowed to dry tack free before application of second coat. The second coat should be applied with freshly mixed material in the same proportion and manner while the under coat is tackless. (Normally 6-10 hours at 27o C)


  • Not recommended for drinking water tank or plant, food processing unit, stables etc.
  • Precise and efficient smooth surface preparation is essential to achieve the superior adhesive qualities and economic consumption.
  • Mix only sufficient quantities of component – ‘A’ & ‘B’ for immediate requirement. Use all material within pot life.
  • The pot life depends upon the temperature and quantities mixed. Higher the temperature, lower the pot life and recoating time and vice-versa.


Hind Coat CTM is available in 20 Kg. and 40 Kg. packing. (Comp A & CompB)


12 months in original unopened container. Do not expose or open container to high humidity conditions.


Color Black
Mix Ratio ( Comp A : Comp B) 1:1
Coverage Approx 4.0-5.0 Sq. Mtr per Kg (on concrete)

Approx 5.0-6.0 Sq. Mtr per Kg (on steel)

Dry Film Thickness 150-170 microns
Pot Life at 270 C >3 hours
Application Temperature Min. 120 C
Thickness (2 Coats) Approx 300-350 microns
Cleaning of Tools Clean tools and tackles with MEK or any standard solvent

before hardening of mixed material.

Recommended Coating. Normally two coats are recommended. To ensure extended durability & abrasion resistant three coats are recommended.


Hind Coat CTM is non-toxic but ingestion is to be avoided. Any splashes to the skin must be washed with water. If contact with eyes occurs, wash well immediately with water and seek medical advice.

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