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 Hind Cempox (M) is a three component epoxy modified cementitious, thixotropic type, fine textured micro mortar for leveling and finishing of concrete, stone or mortar surfaces.


 Hind Cempox (M) has wide range of uses:

  • Can be applied to new work or damaged concrete in aggressive chemical environments.
  • Used as a pore sealer to rebuild the profile, smoothness and leveling of concrete surfaces.
  • Used to control moisture, suitable for restoration work physical resistance, preserving/restoring passivity and for increasing resistivity. (According to various principle & methods of EN-1504-9)
  • Can be applied over substrates containing high moisture and over green concrete.
  • As a leveling layer over concrete/mortar ranging from 0.5-3.5mm on vertical or horizontal surfaces.
  • Can be used as a moisture barrier (min 2mm thick) allowing epoxy, polyurethane and other solvent based coatings to be applied or floors surfaces which requires dry surface prior to its application.


  • Excellent adhesion to hardened or green concrete in dry or dampen conditions.
  • Solvent free and Ideal preparation to obtain smooth finish surface.
  • Improves chemical resistance to substrates.
  • Protects concrete in aggressive environments.
  • Impermeable to liquids but preamble to water vapours.
  • Can be used for both in external and internal use.
  • Outstanding resistance to water and moisture.Application Temperature The material has to be kept at temperature ranging between 100C to 300C. It has to be ensured that the substrate temperature is maintained in between 100C to 300C. The Relative humidity should be between 200C to 800C.Curing  Full cured ~ 4 days at  +300C. PROPERTIES 

    Epoxy  Modified Cementitious Mortar

    Aspect Component A (Resin)      :      Transparent liquid

    Component B (Hardener):     Transparent yellow liquid

    Component C  (Filler)      :      Grey Aggregate powder

    Mixing Ratio Component A (Resin) : Component B(Hardener) : Component C (Filler) :: 4:1:18
    Pot Life  at 270 C 30min
    Over Coating Time at 270 C 8hr
    Density at 270 C Component A (Resin)          1.140kg/l

    Component B (Hardener)   1.070kg/l

     Component C  (Filler)         1.300kg/l

    Mixed (A+B+C)                    1.900kg/l

    Compressive Strength (28 days) > 45 N/mm2
    Flexural Strength (28 days) > 5N/mm2
    Chloride Content (EN1015-17) <  0.05%
    Sulphate Resistance High Sulphate Resistance
    Modulus of Elasticity ~ 17 GPa
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ~ 13.0 µm/m 0C
    Coefficient of Carbon Dioxide Diffusion µCO2   ~ 5400
    Capillary Absorption (Water permeability) <  0.5Kg. m-2 . h -0.5
    Adhesive bond >2.0 MPa
    Restrained Shrinkage/Expansion >2.0 MPa
    Capillary absorption & permeability to water <  0.1Kg. m-2 . h -0.5
    Abrasion Resistance (Taber Test)

    (EN ISO 5470-1)

    Weight loss < 3000mg  H22 rotation, 1000 cycles/load  1000g
    Permeability to water vapour Class 1 : SD <5 m (permeable to water vapour)
    Impact Resistance (EN ISO 6272-1)
    Adhesion strength by pull-off test (EN1542) >2.0 N/mm2 (horizontal with trafficking)
    Durability Carbonation resistance

    (EN 13295)



    Coverage/Consumption :  Coverage as Screed/Mortar/ Rendering  ~ 2.0Kg/m2/mm . The coverage is depended on the surface porosity, profile , level variations and wastages.

    Quality of Substrate


    The concrete substrate should be sound and hard (M-25 grade) with a minimum compressive strength of 25N/mm2  and a pull off strength of 1.5 N/mm2

    Surface Preparation


    Concrete surfaces


    It should be ensured that concrete has attained the design strength and is properly cured. Concrete surfaces should be mechanically prepared or water jetted with high pressure equipment to remove cement laitance, oil and grease con­­tamination if present and obtain a clean dust free surface. Weak concrete to be totally removed and blow holes/voids on the surface if any to be exposed completely. Repair of blow holes/voids  and surface leveling to be obtained using Hind Patch R.  High level spots to be properly grinded.


    Prior to application of Hind Cempox (M) the concrete surface to be pre-wetted with water and should not be allowed to become dry. The surface should not have water accumulation and should be in Surface Saturated Dry (SSD) condition.

    All type of Surfaces like Green Concrete (as soon as it is suitable for mechanical preparation), Concrete substrate more than 14 days old and Damp old aged concrete with rising moisture is suitable for priming.



    Before  mixing Component A (Resin) to be shaken properly and then poured into the container  of Component B (Hardener) and shaken vigorously  for minimum 30 seconds.  To the mixed binder (A+B) now Component C (Filler) is added gradually  and stirred with a slow speed power mixer (300- 400 RPM) for 3- 4 minutes to achieve a homogenous mix with any lumps. Mix pre-weighted Component (A+B+C) full quantity. Water should not be added.



    Hand Application

    The mixed Hind Cempox (M) is applied on the damp surface and is spread over with a trowel/spatula to obtain the required thickness. If necessary it can be finished with a moist neoprene made sponge or brush.

    Mechanical Application


    It can also be sprayed to the surface by using a spray gun or by wet spray techniques. After spraying operation is over it is to be subsequently finished by hand. Additional water is not to be used which may cause improper surface finish.


    New & fresh applied surface with Hind Cempox (M) must be protected from rain for the first 24 hours from the time of application. When the surface of Hind Cempox (M) becomes tack free vapour permeable sealing coatings can be applied. The surface moisture to be checked which  should be less than < 4% before application of vapour tight coatings. Seamless finish is achieved if a wet edge is maintained during application.



    Component A & Component B -12 months, Component C – 6 months,  from the date of manufacturing in unopened conditions. To be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.



    23Kg Kit. (Comp A – 4Kg, Comp B – 1 Kg & Comp. C-18Kg)




    Hind Hind Cempox (M) is non-toxic and ingestion is to be avoided.  If contact with skin, eyes occurs wash well immediately with water and seek medical advice.




























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