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  • For injection grouting in Basements, Tunnels, Lift wells, Water Reservoirs, Pressure ducts, mines and Pre-stressed cable ducts.
  • Rock and Soil stabilization and effective ground water sealing.
  • Sealing of voids in rock by injection operation.
  • To provide a watertight, impermeable rock and soil mass.
  • Grouting of anchor bolts of machine foundation and columns.


  • Improved fluidity thus sealing micro-cracks, fissures and pores.
  • Easy to use with Standard cement injection grouting pumps.
  • Fast setting helps in speedy operation of construction activities.
  • Very economical and durable.
  • Non-toxic and safe to handle and non-hazardous.


Always use Hind Cem (MF) with Hind Plast Super-Water Reducing Admixture and the dosage varying from 0.1%-1% by weight of Hind Cem (MF). Recommended Powder: Water Ratio (by weight) should normally be between 0.5 – 1.0


Hind Cem (MF) is to be gradually added to water and mixed thoroughly. All quantity of the grout should not be added at one time. Mixing procedure may be carried with a slow paddle mixer (400-450 rpm) or by means of any suitable mechanical mixer. Injection grouting work is now to be done by high pressure pump and the injection operation to be completed with a time period of 30- 45 minutes for better and effective results. Due to its fast setting properties it get set within 2-31/2 hours and allow drilling operation to continue further.


Aspect Grey Powder
Fineness (Blaine) > 650 m2 /Kg

Setting Time at 270 C *

(ASTM C – 1102-94)

Initial 90 minutes with 1 : 0.7 (Powder : Water Ratio)

115 minutes with 1 : 1   ( Powder : Water Ratio)

Final 160 minutes with 1 : 0.7( Powder : Water Ratio)

200 minutes with 1: 1     (Powder : Water Ratio)

Compressive Strength 7 days > 10 Mpa
28 days > 25 Mpa
Chloride Content Nil – as per B.S –5075 (Part-1)


  • Compressive Strength is dependent on the Powder: Water Ratio used. Above result for Compressive Strength is based on 1 : 0.5 (Powder : Water Ratio)


6 months from the date of manufacture. Material should be stored in a perfectly covered dry place.            


25/50 Kg. in HDPE bag


Hind Cem (MF) is non-toxic and ingestion is to be avoided. If contact with eyes occurs, wash well immediately with water and seek medical advice.

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