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Hind Bolt R is used to counter the load and squeezing phenomenon occurring from the reducing residual stress of the rock, after blasting, in a mining or tunneling operation. It reinforces rock strata and prevents freshly exposed overhead rock from collapsing, after each blast.


  • Increases stand-up time of unsupported span in tunneling.
  • Suitable for a wide range of rocks, even with low RMR.
  • Ideal for fast tunneling work as per NATH.
  • Pre-determinable setting times.
  • High early and final strengths, achievable in minutes.
  • Inert to mother substrates after reaction.
  • Sets as a monolithic mass, even in vibrating and moist conditions.
  • No danger of chemical attacks or fire, to environments.
  • Resistant to salt water, oil, acid, alkali, greases and solvents.
  • Ideal in underground coal mining operations, hydel projects, traffic tunnels.


  • Bore a hole by drilling to correct depth and diameter as recommended.
  • Clean the hole thoroughly with compressed air and/or water.
  • Insert appropriate number of capsules one by one to the end of the hole.
  • Attach bolt to rotary machine by means of a spinning adapter and commence rotating/torque                progressively, through capsules until the end of the hole is reached. Detach drill from spinning adapter                (Recommended speed of the rotation 150-250 r.p.m)
  • Leave bolt undisturbed until resin has cured.
  • Remove adapter.
  • After 24 hours tighten the rock bolts finally & the hole is grouted.


   Color Yellow/white
   Size Cylindrical sausages, custom-made to suit the requirement.
   Compressive Strength At 7 hours      –  65 N/mm² (minimum)

At 24 hours    –    70 N/mm² (minimum)

   Tensile Strength At 7 hours      –    30 N/mm² (minimum)




(Typical results based o 25mm Dia Rock Bolt used)

Ultra High Strength Granite Rocks unconfined Compressive Strength

100 N/mm2

High strength Lime stone (calcarious)

Rocks unconfined Compressive strength 50N/mm2

Medium strength sand stone (Quartzite)Rocks unconfined Compressive strength

15 N/mm 2

Moderately weak strength Mudstone Rocks unconfined compressive strength 7.5 N/mm 2
Anchorage Length (mm) Average



Anchorage Length (mm) Average



Anchorage Length (mm) Average



Anchorage Length (mm) Average



230 9 290 8 400 4.5 640 4.5
270 11.5 360 12 500 9.0 700 6.5
300 17.5 450 18 635 12.0 760 8.5
350 20.0 500 23 765 18.0 890 10.5
890 23.0 1000 13.5


The Chart given below demonstrates ‘HIND BOLT R’ Resin capsule usage chart (site trial data basis)


Hole diameter (in mm) 25 32 35 38 41 38 41 45
Capsule diameter (in mm) 23 29 32 32 32 35 35 40
Bolt diameter (in mm) Anchorage Length using Single Capsule (in mm) of HIND BOLT R
19 380 330            
22   400 350     315    
25   565 440 315   390 290 300
29       400 290 490 350 340
30         390   465 425
35               570


3 months from the date of manufacture.

Extended Shelf life can be achieved for 6 months if the following guidelines are followed

a) If stored at room temperature below 27 degree Centrigarde.

b) If protected from direct sunlight.

c) If protected from other sources of heat.

d) Testing of Compressive Strength can be done from time to time (within the shelf life 3-6 months) to check

The quality of the material, if any solidification of the inner materials are found.


In Wooden Box as per requirement


Hind Bolt R Cartridges are made of plastic film packing containing an inner glass tube. Care should be taken while handling or installation that it does not get pierced by sharp objects and the inner glass tube does not break.

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