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Hind Block Fix is a ready to use compound, blended carefully designed and formulated to a prefect adhesive, based on Portland cement, graded aggregates and polymers. By addition of water a high strength thixo-tropic   mortar is obtained which is used for laying of Fly Ash bricks, Aerated light weight concrete, cement & hollow blocks and Cellular concrete blocks. Plaster to a thickness of 12mm can also be achieved with Hind Block Fix to cover up the block work surface and it meets all Standards Nationally as well as Internationally. It conforms to ANSI A118.1 & to ANSI A118.4 (1999)


For preparation of a thin bed adhesive for fixing of AAC, ALC and cellular concrete blocks both for interior and exterior use.


  • Easy to use, only water to be added & long working time makes work to be carried at a fast pace and is very economical.
  • High Strength and perefect adhesion between two blocks.
  • Flexible, shock and impact resistant.
  • Good mechanical strength. (Bond strength, compressive & tensile strength)
  • Thinner joints with high adhesion is achieved contributing to the load bearing capacity of the masonry.


All surfaces should be sound, clean and free from any contamination like grease, oil, loose particles etc. and structurally sound.   Uneven and rough surface should be made smooth  before to application of Hind Block Fix. It can be applied on damp surface also. All slabs must be plumb and true and should be within 1/4 inch (6mm) tin 10ft (3mm). If any Expansion joints are observed it should not be covered with the mortar and treatment to be done as per technical specification mentioned in the drawing.


20 Kg of Hind Block Fix with 7-7.5 litre of potable water. The water should be taken in a container and Hind Block Fix to be added to the water slowly and mixed with hand or a slow speed paddle mixer for 3-4 minutes to obtain a lump free smooth thixo-tropic mix of trowel able consistency. Water can be reduced or increased slightly to achieve desired consistency.

Application as a thin bed mortar for laying blocks:

The block work should be made dry and properly cleaned from all loose particles before placing the mortar. The mortar is placed on the block work in thin layers of 2mm – 3mm with a trowel and the next layer of blocks are placed over it. The joints between the blocks are maintained as per the requirements and to be filled with the mortar by using a trowel. Plumbing is done to maintain the verticality of the wall.

Smoothing over the block work:

Application of a bonding layer of 1mm -2mm thick of Hind Block Fix is to be done using a trowel and pressing it downwards before placing the mixed mortar. Finally using Hind Block Fix Adhesive of 8mm-10mm thickness it is smoothened with a wooden/rubber float or sponge.

Cleaning: Cleaning of all tools used to be washed with clean water before it gets dried.


Aspect Grey Powder
Wet Density 1725 – 1750 Kg/cm3
Pot life 1 hour
Open time 30 minutes
Time to Plaster 24 hours
Full Curing 14 days
Compressive Strength >12 Mpa
Flexural Strength >3 Mpa
Tensile Adhesion Strength >1 Mpa


Coverage is dependent on the smoothness and evenness of the substrate, block size used and thickness of the mortar used in laying the block. A guide to the coverage is appended for reference purpose when 30 % water is is added to the powder.

Consumption based using AAC blocks (600mm X 200mmX 100mm) for wall construction.

Thickness Coverage for 20 Kg Bag
2mm 12 Sq. Mtr
3mm 8 Sq.Mtr
4mm 6 Sq.Mtr
5mm 5 Sq. Mtr
6mm 4 Sq. Mtr


12 months in unopened condition. The material should be stored under a shed in a dry place at 250 C + 50 C.


20 Kg. in poly lined HDPE bags or as required.


Hind Block Fix is non-toxic and ingestion is to be avoided. If contact with eyes occurs, wash  immediately with water and seek medical advice.











































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