Hind Anti Rust EZ



Hind Anti Rust EZ is a two component zinc rich primer consisting polymer resin and hardener.



Anti corrosive coating to new and old steel reinforcing bars and recommended to be used where epoxy bonding coat is applied to join old and new concrete. It is also suitable for protection of steel structures from atmospheric action


  • Excellent anticorrosive properties
  • Easy to prepare at site for simple mixing ratio.
  • Excellent adhesion to reinforcement / steel structure
  • Early drying time


Hind Anti Rust EZ is available in pre-weighted two packs as component- A and component -B to be mixed in the ratio of 2: 1 (2 parts of component A and 1 part of component B). First the entire contents of component A is to   be poured in a clean dry open mixing pot and then component B is to be poured in full slowly  and stirred uniformly until a dark grey homogeneous mixture is formed


The application surface of steel reinforcement is to be de-rusted first by sand blasting or by cleaning by wire brush       and emery paper and to be made free from dust. The mixed material is then applied by means of a 1” painting brush to cover the entire exposed surface of steel. Preferrebly the back side of the reinforcing bars are also to be

cleared and painted with Hind Anti Rust EZ. The painted surface will become touch dry within one hour and      then the bonding coat can be applied and concreting can be done.


Specific Gravity 1.08 ± 0.02
Bond Strength : 2- 2.5N/mm² in 7days.



The coverage of Hind Anti Rust EZ varies with the point of application and quality and method of de-rusting  reinforcement. Approximately 4-5 Sq.Mtr of steel surface area can be painted with 1 Kg of mixed material.


1.5,3 & 6 Kg Container or as required        


Hind Anti Rust EZ is non-toxic and ingestion must be avoided. Any splashes on skin happen, immediately wash with water. If contact with eyes occur, immediately wash with water and seek medical advice.

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