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Hind Actcolor is recommended to be used on concrete floor which needs to be stain resistant, chemical resistant. It is ideal for concrete courtyards in Real Estate Project, Industrial floors in Car  manufacturing  factory, Pharmaceutical factory, Food product  manufacturing unit, Beverage/Bottling Plants, Dam Power House floors etc. etc. It offers High performance-high solids-high pigment loading-Fast drying. It conforms to ASTM D 870 for blistering, adhesion and discoloration. Passes ASTM D 2795 standards for gasoline and motor oil resistance. It also conforms to abrasion resistance standard as per ASTM D 4060.


♠ Out performs epoxies, urethanes and acrylic floor coating in durability, adhesion and low maintenance cost.

♠ Excellent bonding and chemically reacts with concrete forming a durable insoluble bond with the substrate that does not peel, flake or delaminate.

♠ Creates a stronger, more impenetrable and better looking finish that is dust proof, resistant to staining and    deterioration.

♠ Produces a tough trafficable surface for high abuse areas that are subject to light trafficking in 2 hours.

♠ Reduces maintenance, cleaning costs and costly repairs. Only damp mop,   machine scrub or recoating is required.

♠ Environmentally friendly, Low VOC content, Non toxic, Non-flammable, Easy water cleanup and Fast-curing.

♠ Maximum performance may take up to 14 days to develop, depending on temperature and humidity. Do not allow standing water  to be left on the surface.


Aspect Transparent/Colored Aqueous Solution
Total Solids 23%
Active Ingredients 100 % of   total  solids
Specific Gravity at 270 C 1.09    0.05
pH 11 – 12
Flash Point Nil
VOC Content Less than 50 gms/Ltr.
Freeze point 320 F  (00 )
Taber Abrasion (Weight, 5N.500 RPM) 1.85 g (Mortal, 2.26g)
Drying Time 3-5 hours.
Depth of Surface Penetration 1-2 mm



Smooth –troweled concrete treated with Hind Actcolor coating was tested for stain resistance from various substances. These compounds were checked at regular intervals upto 24 hours to determine the amount of penetration/staining after checking with a non-abrasive, neutral pH cleaner. After cleaning , the stain was evaluated according to the following scale with ‘0’ indicating no change in the appearance of the stain and  ‘10’ indicating  the stain was completely removed.

SUBSTANCES 30  min 60 mins 90 mins 24 hours
Balsamic Vinegar 10 10 8 8
Red Wine 10 10 9 9
Motor oil 10 10 10 10
Transmission Fluid 10 10 10 10
Skydrol 10 10 10 6


Hind Actcolor protective coating provides enhanced chemical resistance on the following, but not limited to:


Table I,  ACI Standard 302.1R-89 Chemical hardeners can be used to increase concrete resistance to chemicals including, but not limited to the following:

Aluminum Sulphate Lead refining solutions 10% Potassium dichromate Creosote
Ammonium chloride Potassium per-sulfate Lignite oils Cresol
Barium hydroxide Machine oils Potassium sulfate Mustard Oil
Potassium Sulfate Beef fat Magnesium chloride Nickel sulfate
Rapeseed Oil Calcium nitrate Magnesium sulfate Oleic acid 100%
Sea Water Coal tar oils Manganese sulfate Olive oil
Silage Calcium hydroxide Manure Paraffin
Sodium bromide Carbon dioxide Mash, fermenting Tannic acid
Sodium chloride Carbonic acid Mercuric chloride Phosphoric acid, 85%
Sodium carbonate Castor oil Mercurous chloride Pickling brine, 10%
Cottonseed Oil Mine waste Sodium nitrite Poppy seed oil
Potassium aluminum sulfate Zinc sulfate Zinc nitrate Mineral oil
Molasses Sodium thiosulphate Soybean oil Sugar
Sulfite liquor Tallow & tallow oil Phenol, 25% Walnut oil
Tanning liquor, 10% Tobacco Zinc chloride Iodine
Lactic acid, 25% Sodium sulfate,10% Distillers slop Ethylene glycol
Ferric chloride Ferric sulfate Fish oil Fruit juices
Glucose Glycerin Hydrogen sulfide, 10% Potassium carbonate/chloride

Note: This information contained herein, is to the best our knowledge and belief, accurate and is to be used as a guide to product selection. However, since the conditions of handling, installation and use are beyond our control, we make no guarantee of results.

Special conditions for application: Horizontal masonry & concrete substrate only. Keep dry for 24 hours after installation. Do not allow standing water to dwell on surface for 7 days. do not allow traffic until protective coating  surface is completely dry, generally 30 – 60 minutes under typical interior conditions.


Substrate Preparation: Cement Concrete/Cementitious products

For long term placement create a rough surface profile using diamond grind about #180 for  Clean and neutralization. The surface must be dry, free of surface containments and in sound condition. Grease and oil should be removed as per ASTM D 4258-83 and release agents should be removed as per ASTM D 425-88.

Refer to SPC-SP13/NACE No. 6 mechanical or chemical surface preparation methods for preparing concrete to suitable cleanliness for intended service. Surface preparation methods should impart sufficient surface profile for mechanical adhesion to occur. Ensure surface is thoroughly rinsed and dry prior to preparation and application. Uneven concrete substrate, scratches and cracks are to be repaired with polymer mortar to achieve the smoothness. Mask Areas that do not receive the coating topcoat finish and surface hardener is to be protected from over spray.

Important Instructions:

♠  Complete mixing is essential for good product performance. It is necessary to use a paint-mixing tool mounted on a drill motor or machine agitation (paint shaker) to mix this paint. Mix well and after mixing the coating to be applied immediately.

♠   Spray first coat and work in surface with stiff broom or scrubbing pad on a scrubbing machine.


At first concrete is to be poured mixed with surface hardener and allowed to cure for  28 days to achieve the targeted compressive strength.  Secondly application of Hind Actcolor top to be done by rake attached sponge brush. Consumption varies from 0.03 ~ 0.04 Kg/m2 . More than 2-3 hours curing under 200 C make the surface ready for next coating stage. In case the application is done in high moisture environment ventilation must be provided to dry and curing of the coating. The second coat of Hind Actcolor to be applied by rake attached sponge brush and the consistency of the coated color to be ensured as like the first coat. Consumption varies from 0.025 ~ 0.03 Kg/m2 . After curing for 2-3 hours under the same conditions like the first coat the surface becomes ready for application of the Hind Actcolor Sealed coat. The application of the sealed coat is done by the same method and allowed to full cure. Consumption varies from 0.02 ~ 0.25 Kg/m2 . Finally the fully cured surface is polished properly by the floor polishing machine attached with scrubbing pad.


200 ~ 250 m2 / 18 kg ( 0.09kg/m) depending on the porosity of the substrate and the finish.


Routine sweeping, mopping, washing and mechanical scrubbing of floor with water and neutral pH cleaners (if necessary) are recommended. Water only is sufficient for most environments.

Note: Do not use cleaners that are acidic or that have citrus(de-limonene) or Butyl compounds. Although Hind Actcolor, coating is chemically resistant and helps reduce staining, its application in specific chemical environments and some acidic concentrates, may etch the surface causing a residual stain. If unsure check with a conversant concrete technical representative. Regular maintenance and cleaning will help prolong surface shine. Wipe up any chemical spills as soon as possible. Always test adhesion and performance for suitability and desired results before application.

Primary Markets Served


Concrete, Concrete blocks, Food Processing Facilities, Pulp and paper Mills, Refineries, Material Handling Equipment, Marine/Port Facilities, Chemical Processing, Waste water treatment facilities , Offshore Platforms and Heliport.


6 months from the date of manufacture if kept in unopened factory sealed container  and  stored  at 30° C.


In 18 Kg HDPE Container. Available in Green, Red & Light Grey colour shades. On request Transparent, Yellow, Pink & Blue colour shades will be available.


Hind Actcolor  is an aqueous Lithium Silicate solution and alkaline in nature and may cause eye & skin irritation. Use hand gloves and goggles while applying the same. Avoid ingestion and prolonged skin contact. If contact with eyes occur wash immediately with clean water and seek medical advice. At the time of application workmen should be cautious because Hind Actcolor applied wet surfaces are slippery.

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